Elaine Bleakney

December 12, 2019

I'm excited to be taking part in Revolve Now at the Asheville Art Museum, 5-8pm. Revolve Now is an evening of sound, performance, movement, and spoken-word vignettes. As part of the festivities, I'll be running a partly improvised tour of the museum in activation. The tour is called THIS IS NOT A TOUR. More information here. (Image by Jason Polan.)

November 2019

I found a box of photographs in the house I moved into during the spring of 2019. The photos feature one family, and I began writing in response to these very present ghosts. The correspondence became a text/image project exhibited at REVOLVE Project Space in Asheville, NC as part of their First Draft Series. I'll post more images here, soon.

October 12, 2019

I read from my new work along with Jonathan Farmer, author of That Peculiar Affirmative, and Ash Lounsbury at Bagatelle Books, West Asheville, NC.

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