For Another Writing Back

For Another Writing Back extends to strangers and creatures the same quizzical care we extend to those we love; it gives us a way of seeing that is very close to listening. Part reverie, part reflection, these lyric sequences examine childhood, 9/11, the nuclear disaster at Fukushima, giving birth, the dailiness of marriage, family gatherings, friends living with cancer, a lizard come into the house to die—all with a distinctive, intimate quiet. Attentive to what separates us and to what unexpectedly draw us close, Bleakney’s vision expresses, in the most stunning terms, not only the depth of our inwardness, but how we might seek shelter in one another." —Joanna Klink

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"Bleakney's meditative and searching poems artfully assemble not a linear narrative, but an evocative consideration of a life."—Publishers Weekly

"Elaine Bleakney’s For Another Writing Back skillfully undermines the reader’s expectations of prose, using the visual appearance of the text to evoke our preconceived ideas about what prose should or ought to be like."—Kristina Marie Darling in Tupelo Quarterly

"I so love this new avant-memoir by Elaine Bleakney."—Stephanie Burt 

"I love Elaine's whole stunning book, which she began a few years after we were in graduate school together, but I have read the birth scenes over and over again. I love her intense, intimate descriptions of powerlessness, of going to the animal place of pain and pushing."—Belle Boggs in The Art of Waiting

"Formally, I find this book very exciting: a series of short prose passages/untitled poems that skate across time. At first I was a bit reluctant to follow the thread of digressions, but eventually I warmed to it and just loved it. The handling of time, the associative weaving of content, it all just mesmerized me. I guess the immediate antecedent that comes to mind would be Midwinter Day by Bernadette Mayer, but whereas that book covers the events of one day, this covers most of an entire life. This is such a deft and subtle book. Recommended."—Rodney, a reader via Goodreads


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20 Paintings by Laura Owens

“In her brilliant 20 Paintings by Laura Owens, Elaine Bleakney invents a new form which marries abstraction and dailiness where poetry and art can converse. Distantly kin to Jack Spicer’s disjunct footnote, here Frank O’Hara and Frank Ocean are Orphic cousins in a completely new time and place where thrive ‘so many colors without linebreaks.’"—Lee Ann Brown

“Bleakney’s ekphrasis is by turn microscope, telescope, kaleidoscope, zoetrope.” —Jesse Ball

Published by Poor Claudia: Handbound, letterpress edition of 100. SOLD OUT. 

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